About us

<Tuple> is a technology firm providing expert consulting and research services. We specialize in Microsoft Azure technologies, implementing modern artificial intelligence and data platform solutions. In addition, we also have expertise in the life sciences space, providing consultative assistance in bioinformatics and genomics research.

  • Microsoft and Databricks Partner with a best-in-class cloud consulting history.
  • Deep tech expertise in cloud computing, data, and AI.
  • Subject matter expertise across life sciences, medical devices, healthcare, biotech, and pharma.
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System Integrator in Data Platform and AI.

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Spark-Enabled Data Lakehouse Architecture and AI.


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Let us give your technology practice an upgrade! Focusing on the Microsoft Azure platform, we provide a set of services to help modernize your capabilities and enhance the value you get from your data.

We're not afraid to sling some code while also diving deep into the science. Building on deep expertise in both the data science and life science worlds, we offer services to help enhance your research capabilities.