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Store and organize your data in a Genomics Data Lake.

Manage All Your -Omics Data

Data used in bioinformatics is often large, messy, and in esoteric file formats. Luckily for us, cloud-based data lakes are the perfect choice for storing and organizing data at-scale. Plus, having your data availabe in your cloud environment unlocks its use with other cloud tools for scalable bioinformatics pipelines, machine learning, reporting, and more!

No matter the format, data lakes are flexible to house all of your data.
Petabyte-Scale on the Cheap

Whether you have 10 samples or 10 million, the lake can handle it. Plus, it's a very cost-efficient service, even at high volumes of data.

Snapshots and Lifecycles

Capture previous versions of ever-changing data. Auto-demote unused data based on activity.

Secure and Safe

Lock down particular folders or files using Azure Active Directory.
Use geo-redundancy to protect your data for ever getting lost.


Connect to your data lake from cloud tools such as Azure Machine Learning, Databricks, and Synapse.

Phenomenal Features

Due to its widespread use in enterprise data architectures for storing tons of data, cloud-based data lakes are a perfect option for housing genomics data and integrating with other cloud-based services.

Integrate with Most
Any Data Source

Pull data from your vendor's S3 Buckets/SFTP sites, public databases, your own servers, and even third-party tools like Illumina BaseSpace.

Use Illumina BaseSpace?
Learn more about our azbasespace tool

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