Your -omics. Connected.


Bridge the divide between Illumina BaseSpace and Microsoft Azure

Easy to Configure With our quick authentication API and Azure resource deployment templates, we can help you get started pulling BaseSpace data quickly.
Keep Your Data Up-To-Date Using your ETL tool of choice, you an easily schedule data pulls such that you always have your latest BaseSpace results.
Be Picky and Secure Select specific projects you want to copy over to Azure. Our data replication uses token-based auth and encryption to keep the data secure.

Harness the power of your BaseSpace-hosted genomics data by pulling data into your Azure-based data lake.

Consolidate your genomics data with ease.

Having -omics data in multiple places makes for a really slow bioinformatics flow.
With azbasespace , we can help ensure your data is available in Azure, wherever you want it.

Build your cloud architecture how you want.

With support for many Azure-based services, our azbasespace tool will plug right into your existing architecture.

  Flexibility and Organization

Our API helps to keep your Azure genomics data lake organized by projects and samples, similar to BaseSpace, or you can define your own organization strategy.

  Dedicated performance

We host our azbasespace tool, but you retrieve your data through performant storage services into your Azure environment. This ensures you won't experience performance bottlenecks nor high costs.


Use Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Apache Airflow, or some other ETL tool? Great! We can support a wide variety of orchestration tools.

Orchestration Templates

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