Cloud Consulting Services

Let us give your technology practice a fact lift!
Focusing on the Microsoft Azure plaform, we provide a set of services to help modernize your capabilites and enhance the value you get from your data.

Cloud Architecture Design

Unsure where to start? We can help you think it through with our interactive cloud architecture design sessions.

Cloud Migration Planning

Moving legacy systems can be daunting. Let us help you get a migration plan in place to make the move as seamless as possible.

Scalability and Parallel Computing Services

Busting at the gills? Using the cloud, scaling your work give your speed, stability, and increased performance.

Artificial Intelligence Development

We help customers develop machine learning models, intelligent agents, and more using state-of-the-art teachniques and tools.

Code Operationalization

What good is your code if you don't put it to use? Let us operationalize your work with a realtime API or automated processing pipelines.


Whether it's in class or online, our team can help your team interactively learn new skills easily.

Research Services

We're not afraid to sling some code while wearing a lab coat!
Building on deep expertise in the data science and life science worlds, we offer services to help enhance your research capabilities.

Research Design

Starting to plan for a grant or other big research project? We can help design the end-to-end data plan for your workflow.


Beauty is in the eye of the viz holder. We help researchers design innovative visual representations of their data.

Statistical and Machine Learning Modeling

We deliver insights from your data using tools and tricks from biostatistics to AI.

Bioinformatics and Genomics Analysis

From gene annotation to phylogenetics, we've got you covered.

Research Collaboration

Got an excellent team, but need some temporary help on a particular task? No problem.

Peer Review and Editing

From initial research review to an extra pair of eyes, we can help give your next scientific contribution that extra oomph.

Wait, what's <Tuple>?

<Tuple> is a technology firm providing expert consulting and research services. We specialize in Microsoft Azure technologies, implementing modern artificial intelligence and data platform solutions. In addition, we also have expertise in the life sciences space, providing consultative assistance in bioinformatics and genomics research.

  • Microsoft and Databricks Partner with best-in-class consulting history.
  • Deep tech expertise in cloud computing, data, and AI.
  • Subject matter expertise in life science research.

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